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Epiphany Learning - Learning Relationship Management Platform

Epiphany Learning is a Learning Relationship Management (LRM) Platform dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world. Launched in 2014, the Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Platform is a K-12, student-centric, web-based platform that develops personalized learning plans, integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS) and links to Learning Management Systems (LMS). The Epiphany Learning Professional Growth Platform (PGP) is a personalized learning platform that allows educators to personalize their own professional development through a dynamic Learner Profile and Learning Path. Learn more at epiphanylearning.com.

Amla Commerce

Born from a passion for a better way, Amla Commerce is the parent brand to Artif Labs and Znode - some of the most scalable, flexible, and customer-centric ecommerce software available.

Artifi Labs

Artifi Labs was developed from years of experience with a focus on scalability and flexibility. The visual product customization tool has flexible UI options, intuitive admin, and provides an interactive design experience. Artifi provides the tools to create an extraordinary customer experience. Every time.


Built from day one with multi-store architecture, Znode gives you the ability to fully customize and personalize the online shopping experience. With untethered product catalogs, a headless engine, and 600 REST APIs, the all-in-one eCommerce platform helps you easily build and manage one or hundreds of sites. With unrivaled flexibility and scalability, Znode not only enables you to grow, but grows with you.

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